Aashram Chapter 3: Excited to watch the show of Baba…

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Tandav of Baba Nirala has left to watch in the Aashram Season 3

Aashram Chapter 3, the bold look of Babita, and the mindblowing acting by Bobby Deol as Baba Nirala attract the attention of the audience. Last year MX player released this series in the month of August, who earned a lot of fame amongst the crowds.

The series was so much like that in the gap of 2 months, the director dropped Chapter 2 of Aashram. The first edition crossed 100 million in just five days. The 2 season was too a super hit. Bobby Deol in the main lead of this series has proved to be one of the most promising web series of 2020.

Aashram 3 Pammi and Baba Nirala
Pammi and Baba Nirala

As both the seasons were exceptionally hit amongst the fan. Both the seasons have hit the right chord leaving people asking when “Aashram 3 will come”? Aashram chapter 3 kab aaega. They are now going crazy about the 3rd season of the series. Well, not to worry we have grabbed all the information about the upcoming season of Aashram.

Release Date of Aashram Chapter 3

There is no confirmation about the release date of season 3 yet by the makers of the show. But we can expect anytime soon in this month.

If you go through the release dates of prior seasons, the 1st reason was released in August and the second season dropped in just after two months, which means possibly the 3rd season can drop by anytime in January.

But there are fair chances of delay as many shoots have been postponed due to the Covid issues. Let’s hope and pray that the 3rd edition of the series comes up soon.

Cast of Aashram Chapter 3

The amazing cast member who made the show most popular in 2020. Especially Babita as Tridha Choudhury’s most adorable and sexy character in the Mx player web series.

  • Bobby Deol – Baba Nirala
  • Aditi Sudhir Pohankar – Pummy
  • Chandan Roy Sanyal – Bhopa Swami
  • Tridha Choudhury – Babita
  • Anupriya Goenka – Natasha
  • Darshan Kumaar – Ujagar Singh
  • Adhyayan Suman – Tinka
  • Rajeev Siddhartha – Akkhi
  • Vikram Kochhar – Sadhu
Aashram Season 3
Tridha Choudhury – Babita

Aashram Chapter 3 Plot: Will Baba Expose in Chapter 3?

Yes! the main reason for the success of this show was Bobby Deol as Baba Nirala. The show revolves around a baba who appears to be the bighearted person with power amongst the people who worship him.

The third chapter will show a crisis has come upon Baba Nirala. The reason behind this was a girl named Pammi has run away from the Aashram. He is trying hard to get her back to kill Pammi. Hukum Singh has won the throne and gained significant political power. Now let’s see what next step will Baba take?

Being a Baba, he has maintained his innocence in the form of a source of almighty. But what it looks like and the reality of the baba is what the show is all about. Therefore makers of the show are planning to extend the characters in the front for its 3rd edition. Let’s see what more twists and turns we will witness in the upcoming chapter 3.

Anupriya Goenka as Natasha shared few words for Aashram Chapter 3

Natasha who played the role of a doctor, according to the Bollywood world report, Anupriya Goenka has made a big reveal that the shooting for the third season has not started yet. Work on the script is still in progress. They believe that perhaps shooting could start next year.

After this, the production work of the series will start. It will possible that Ashram 3 will get released in August 2021. However, no posters have been posted regarding this matter yet. However, maybe a slight delay in the cast of this season but you will get to see the trailer soon.

We are too excited to know the Aashram Chapter 3 release date and time as all your fans. Leta hopes that the 3rd season to climbs up the rating as season 1 and 2. Stay in touch to know more.

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