LSD: Love Scandal & Doctor Season 2 Release Date and Trailer

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An amazing web series of Zee 5 and also produced by ALT Balaji based on suspense, crime thriller story. As the name suggests LSD: Love Scandal & Doctor Season 2 is full of romantic scenes, suspense, and a lot of enjoyment. The story and narration are worth a watch. It is quite impressive, and the way of presenting this story and scenes is quite amazing.

The audience will have to wait for the second season as the makers have not made any official announcement regarding the dates.

LSD: Love Scandal & Doctor Season 1 Episode

The characters are very well written and portrayed in this series. The actors’ back story and emotional journey are good and well established and give a dynamic touch to the story.

LSD series consists of 15 episodes, and each episode is full of excitement and some amazing scenes. The length of these episodes is short. The size of the first episode is almost 22 minutes, while all other episodes are of a maximum of 18 to 20 minutes. The grip of the series is firm and will keep it connected to you.

LSD: Love Scandal & Doctor Season 2

The makers have not made any official announcement regarding the release or making of season 2. So it is clear that there are only 50% chances of the sequel. It depends on the makers now.

But the fans need not worry as the making depends on their response to a particular web series. If the show good response and demand for a new season, the makers will have to release it.

The second season will have the same storyline and format, but at this time, we cannot confirm this news until the makers will publish an official announcement regarding the same.

LSD: Cast and Narration

 The narration of this web series is not linear but takes a jump in several timelines. This series is not confusing at all and keeps you connected with it. The cast has given their best to the series, and the role of Rahul Dev and Siddharth Menon is worth appreciating.

The presence, body language, and expressions are up to the mark. Apart from these two actors, other actors haven’t failed to impress the audience, and each one of them is at their best.

LSD: Love Scandal & Doctor Season 2 Cast

With the amazing work done by Cast members, we will wish that they are the same for the second season. The respected Cast for LSD Season 2 are given below.

  • Rahul Dev as Dr. Rana
  • Inspector Tavish Singh as Punit J Pathak
  • Assistant Inspector Dinesh Kohli as Manish Pant
  • Ishaan A Khanna as Dr Kartik Rana
  • Dr. Rahima Mansurie as Srishti Rindhani
  • Neha Hinge as Dr. Chitra Rana
  • Dr. Kabir as Ayush Shrivastava
  • Tanaya Sachdeva as Dr Sara Borade
  • Dr Samkeesha as Ashmita Jaggi
  • Pulkit Makol as Asif Mansurie
  • Riva Arora as Rhea

Love Scandal & Doctor IMDb Ratings and Reviews

Love Scandal & Doctors have got an amazing IMDb rating of 8.9 out of 10.
The audience has showered an immense amount of love to the series and are still waiting for the sequel. The reviews of the audience on this web series have been amazing. Fans are desperately waiting for the second season.

All updates on Season 2

 The first season of LSD was released in January, and it was released soon after the trailer’s release. The trailer was out just nine days before the release of the web series.

The audience of LSD are still waiting for season 2. There are high chances that season 2 will release soon. As soon as the trailer gets released, the web series will not take much time.

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