Runaway Lugaai Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Story, and Cast…

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Runaway lugaai is the Latest Web Series on MX Player. It carries lots of drama-comedy scenes with a fantastic star cast. Runaway Lugaai Season 2 Web Series involves some of the real talents of the industry.

The reviews were a bit mixed, but on the whole, it is an amazing series. Season 1 was ten episodes, and there is a strong possibility of an official announcement regarding season 2 in the upcoming weeks. If all goes well, then season 2 will release in February 2022. It all depends on the response of the audience and ratings. 

Release Date of Runaway Lugaai Season 2

Season 1 had an amazing cast that added to the popularity of the series. It went more amazing than the expectations of makers and team. All the fans and audience enjoyed watching this series and the comedy.

Season 2 of Runaway Lugaai Web Series has no official announcements until now, but there will soon be an announcement in relevance with the same as per the reports.

As per the internal reports, the shooting will begin soon after the official announcement related to the series. The second season of Runaway Lugaai is expected to release in February 2022. The second season will be nothing less than a treat for fans and the followers of the series. 

It depends on the fans now, as the more they demand the second season, the soon it will get released. The makers were waiting for the amazing audience reviews. So the announcement of next season is coming soon. 

Why should the audience watch this series?

Runaway Lugaai Season 2
Hot Ruhi Singh Runaway Lugai Season 2 

The bottom message presented through this series is quite convincing. Runaway Lugai IMDb rating is 7.5 out of 10, it’s a decent rating according to the comedy series. This series holds the perfect dose of entertainment that will make you laugh a little louder with its amazing comedy scenes, and its drama will make you watch it once more. The first season of this series got released on 18 May 2021. 

It is a completely different series but can’t be watched with family as it holds some adult scenes. The shooting was completed in Patna, Bihar.

Runaway Lugaai Season 2 Cast Name 

A fantastic work done by the cast of the drama series, fans are very happy by watching the new talent of Bollywood. Read below the cast who involved in the series and highly expected for the same in Runaway Lugaai Season 2.

  • Sanjay Mishra as Narendra Sinha
  • Bulbul as Ruhi Singh
  • Naveen Kasturia as Rajni
  • Bulbul’s mother as Sharda Singh
  • Ravi Kishan as Ravi

Runaway Lugai Web Series Review 

The story follows the character of Bulbul, who gets married to Rajni that is Naveen Kasturia, who plays the role of the judge in this series.

The father of Rajni is a politician. Due to some incidents, Bulbul leaves Rajni and runs away. The entire series revolves around her, and everyone tries to find the facts and reasons for her run away.

The question is whether the father of Rajni will be able to help his son or not. The whole plot and twists of the series revolve around this. The drama of this series is quite entertaining. The episode length is around 20-25 minutes each, due to which the pace of the screenplay is very fast. 

We hope that the second season will spread more laughter and hold an amazing and real talent star cast like season1.   

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